Do you need a bus to rent in Dubai?

WaselTrans LLC offers buses of different capacities to cater to your travel requirements. No matter the occasion, you can trust us to provide you with transportation. Rent the top quality premium buses for your next trip. Do you need to hire a bus in Abu Dhabi for a party? Give us your requirements and we will arrange everything for a good travel experience. You can count on us. If you have any special requests or require VIP care for your guests, we can handle that as well. We will also have our uniformed staff available to greet you at your arrival.

We, WaselTrans LLC aim to provide you with a luxury experience. Our buses come well equipped with comfortable seats and we maintain their condition regularly. We also conduct inspections regularly. The buses are also inspected before you receive them to make sure the bus is given to you with everything functioning well. If there are any issues, they will be fixed immediately. We will also provide quick repair or bus replacement services if our bus does not work well during your trip. Your smooth travel is our priority.

Are you in need of a bus during the hot summer months but are dreading sitting in a heated vehicle? Now you will not have to worry about that anymore. WaselTrans LLC offers AC bus for rent in Dubai. You can rent a cool and comfortable bus for your next trip in the summer. Stay protected from the sun not only with sunscreen but also with a well-equipped AC bus.

There are plenty of positive points for getting a bus on rent. Travelling anywhere in a big group can be very troublesome. Taking separate vehicles can mean someone falling behind in case of a breakdown or even get lost if they take the wrong route. Travelling together in a bus ensure that everyone reaches the destination together and on time as well. It is also more enjoyable to travel with more people rather than travelling alone.

If you need to rent a bus in Dubai, ensure you provide your requirements to WaselTrans LLC. This also includes the number of people travelling, pick up and drop locations, whether you require a driver or not and any other special requests you may have. We will ensure your requests are fulfilled to the best of our abilities.