Visit Us to Get High Quality and Unbeatable Corporate Transportation Services

Corporate events can potentially be ruined if the transportation provider’s services are not up to the mark. However, when you come to Wasel Trans LLC., you can be assured that you will never go wrong. We are a dedicated bus rental service provider with a reputation for being known as one of the leading corporate transport providers in Dubai.

When you need to transport a large number of employees or corporate guests, finding the right transportation service provider can be a bit of an obstacle. We understand that our clients require prompt and professional services to keep their business’s reputation respectable. At Wasel Trans we know the difficulties involved in finding a company that offers the best corporate transportation.

How do we make the process of providing such services easier?

The Wasel Trans guarantee is that our customers can expect a much easier and smoother hiring process when it comes to hiring our excellent fleet of buses, for transportation needs such as the corporate shuttle service.

Our corporate transportation services are developed in a way that will benefit you, so that there is no need to spend extra on transporting each individual to the same location, saving your time and money for much more important things.

We provide affordable corporate transportation services, without compromising on quality because we take our customers’ needs very seriously.

Our drivers are well-trained and professional individuals who display our dedication to providing all our clients with safe and pleasant journeys on each trip that you take with us. With our uniformed drivers, we promise all our clients prompt services to get you to your destination on time.

The latest fleet of modern buses equips us as we provide exceptional transport services and helps to look after the safety of all our travelers as per the given regulations.

We take care of your transportation needs by providing you with reliable bus rental services for corporate transport occasions such as:


  • Corporate events
  • Corporate shows
  • Corporate VIP transportation
  • Employee transport services


As you come to us at Wasel Trans for high-quality bus transportation services, you will also find reliable and exceptional customer service for all our services. With our industry-leading experience, customer-friendly service and modern fleet of buses, you can expect only the best transportation experience with us. trust us for VIP, guest and employee transport in Dubai.